HK Week raises social awareness

Karen Lai


The public forum on "Direct Election for LegCo in 2008", held at the Purple Zone of the University Concourse on 25 November, aroused a heated discussion on political development of Hong Kong. The forum was a highlight of the Hong Kong Week, 24-28 November, organized by a group of third-year Applied Social Studies students.

With speakers like Professor Joseph Cheng, CityU's Chair Professor of Political Science, Hon Andrew Wong Wang-fat, Legislative Council Member and Honorary Professor of Government and Public Administration of the Chinese University, and SCMP's political commentator Mr Chris Yeung, the forum presented a thorough discussion on the political systems of Hong Kong. Representatives of different political parties were also invited to speak on LegCo's direct election in 2008.

Hong Kong Week's 12 coordinators, all Year 3 students, have taken the course titled Hong Kong, as part of the BSocSc East and Southeast Asia Studies programme. The course provides a study of the territory's political, economic, social and cultural developments. It also encourages students to find out more through out-of-classroom activities. "Hong Kong holds a strategic position in Southeast Asia. It is where we have our roots. That's why we should know more about its history and discover its potential from an international perspective," said Mr Vincent Tang, Chairman of the Hong Kong Week organizing team. Hong Kong Week comprises three parts¡Xa photo exhibition, an open forum, and a writing/photo competition. "We hope to stimulate political and social awareness in the University community. The photo exhibition helps us understand our past, while the forum focuses on the political system of our future. We hope to prompt our peers to think about Hong Kong's present role and identity," he elaborated.



Dr Law Kam-yee, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Social Studies, is the course teacher. Having connections with editors of the SCMP, he suggested that his students stage the SCMP Centenary Exhibition on campus, and expand the event into a social awareness project. Students played an active role, thinking about the main objectives of the project and ways of achieving them. Dr Law said the students also gained valuable experience of collaborating with large organizations like the SCMP, the sponsor of the event. "Students gained satisfaction and learned most from the heated discussions at the forum," he said.

The student organizers hope the Hong Kong Week will have a long-term impact on the social awareness of university students. "We hope the participants will reflect and express their opinions by means of text or visual images," said Mr Tang. The writing and photo exhibition welcomes entries on any topics related to Hong Kong. The deadline for submissions is 14 January 2004. "We look forward to your participation," he appealed.



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