Putting wireless technology to good use in industry

Regina Lau


In the first of a series of six technology transfer forums , on 21 August, CityU will showcase its applied research strengths for the benefit of local industry. Heralding such a move is a group of high-profile scientists, who will discuss how their innovations meet the challenges in developing low-cost, high performance wireless communications systems.


In the forum "Advances in Wireless Communication," Professor Luk Kwai-man and three other CityU researchers, Dr Peter Leung, Professor Chan Chi-hou and Dr Quan Xue, all key members of the University's Wireless Communications Research Centre, will talk about:


  • Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
  • Design of miniature printed antennas
  • Challenges in radio frequency (RF) circuitry


The forum is organized by the Technology Transfer Office.


Research into wireless communications technology at CityU has made impressive achievements in recent years, winning international prizes and patents. The latest is support from the state-owned Shandong Hi-Tech Investment Corporation, which has boosted the business prospects of a CityU wireless communications product in the mainland. Recently securing 5 million RMB venture capital, Yantai Hi-Gain Hi-Tech Co. Ltd is a CityU start-up company whose technology platform is based on a patented invention--a wideband patch antenna with L-shaped probe--by Professor Luk of the University's Department of Electronic Engineering. Established last year, the company has been producing indoor and outdoor base station antennas for wireless communications for the mainland market.


"Telecommunications products have huge market potential in China, with the current mobile phone penetration at just about 10 percent of its population," Professor Luk said. "Due to the low manufacturing costs, the simple structure of our products, and support from our new partner, I think we are now in an advantageous position to develop the mainland market further."


Future forums, to be held between October 2003 and June 2004, will feature such technology topics as materials science, building and construction technology, multimedia and information technology.




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