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Regina Lau

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With the signing of an agreement on 6 February, the Hong Kong Observatory joined the ranks of partners in City University of Hong Kong's Cooperative Education Scheme, which provides internship training for students. The Hong Kong Observatory is the first government department to join the scheme.

The Cooperative Education Scheme, organized by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, is an internship programme designed to provide concurrent education by integrating classroom learning with relevant job experience. Students joining the Scheme are given a scholarship by scientific institutes or industrial partners to work in the respective organization for one year. The Scheme aims at training young professionals capable of responding to the ever-changing needs of society. To date, as many as 57 organizations have joined the scheme as partners.

At the signing ceremony, Mr Lam Chiu-ying, Acting Director of the Hong Kong Observatory said, "The Observatory is happy to contribute to the education of young scientists in Hong Kong. We give students a chance to get in touch with science at work and to gain experience in scientific research, which will prepare them well for their future careers. I believe that the student attached to the Observatory will benefit from her work in the department."

, Dean of CityU's Faculty of Science and Engineering, remarked, "I am grateful for the support rendered by the Hong Kong Observatory. With support from government departments and the industrial sector, I am sure that the Cooperative Education Scheme will help produce quality graduates to serve the local industry and the Pearl River Delta region."

Miss Sammi Wong, a student in the Department of Physics and Materials Science has been attached to the Observatory this year under the Scheme. She said, "I developed my interest in atmospheric science after taking a course on this subject last year. I'll be doing research on the application of numerical weather prediction models at the Observatory. I'm very happy to apply what I have learned to solve a problem in the real world. This is a very valuable opportunity for me."



Miss Wong, who has started the internship for one month, said that her assignment has been both challenging and stimulating. She would consider studying for a higher degree in atmosphere science or meteorology after completing her internship. Her experience at the Observatory will form a solid foundation for her future studies.



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