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City University of Hong Kong received, in the late afternoon of 18 November, a full report from the Independent Committee on Review of Recent Events in the School of Law. The report is available in both English and Chinese versions, each some 300 pages long, containing the Independent Committee's findings of the whole process, its observations and specific recommendations. Interested parties can obtain the report from the University's Public Affairs Office, 4/F, Cheng Yick-chi Building, between 5 to 8 pm today (19 November) and within office hours from 20 November onwards. The University will also distribute the report to concerned departments, organizations and individuals on 20 November.

One of the main tasks of the Independent Committee was to investigate the veracity of allegations against the School of Law (SLW) by those staff whose contracts had not been renewed and other concerned parties.

The Independent Committee held a two-week open hearing and investigation (19 August to 31 August 2002) of those allegations. The Committee has now made public its findings and observations from the hearing. Apart from these findings, the report also makes some specific recommendations regarding current personnel and management matters at CityU.

CityU's Council will discuss the report at its full meeting on 25 November. Results of the discussion will be made public.

Lastly, the University wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the Chairperson, The Honourable Audrey Eu Yuet-mee, Senior Counsel, and other members of the Independent Committee: Mr David Sun Tak-kei, Mr Vincent Chow Wing-shing, Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, and Dr Li Kui-wai, for their professionalism and time devoted to this matter.

For media enquiries, please contact Mrs Betty Chan, Director of Public Affairs of City University of Hong Kong at 2788 9322.


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