Application Procedures and Admission Guidelines for the Staff Computer Course

  1. Only full-time staff members employed by the City University of Hong Kong are entitled to apply to take staff computer courses organised by the Computing Services Centre.
  2. In allocating seats, priority will be given to academic staff.
  3. The Computing Services Centre reserves all rights to allocate places to applicants, to cancel any courses, and to change the course schedule and course contents as and when it considers necessary. For the most up-to-date course information, please enter the AIMS from Portal. Then go to "Staff Services" and select "Staff Development". You can find the course information in "On-line Application for in-house Staff Development Courses". Course details can also be accessed through
  4. The application period for admission to a course will be from six weeks to two weeks before the commencement of the course. To ensure fairness, application before that period will not be considered.
  5. Application can be submitted by entering the AIMS as described in point 3 above. In the "Staff Development" submenu, please select "On-line Application for In-house Staff Development Courses". You need to click the "Apply" box next to the staff computer course you intend to apply, and then fill in the e-mail account of your supervisor (Approver) in the box provided before submitting your application. The system will automatically send an e-mail to the indicated Approver to seek his approval. The Approver needs to click the link in the e-mail to approve or not approve the application. Only those approved applications will be processed and considered by the course administrator.
  6. You may also enquire about the status of your application from the Staff Development System. Select On-line Application for In-house Staff Development Courses and click "To Review or Change Your Existing Applications". You will find a table listing the course(s) you have applied for and the status. Here are the explanations on the Status for your reference:
    Status Description
    Pending The application pending for the Approver's approval
    Approved The application approved by the Approver
    Not Approved The application not approved by the Approver
    Offered The application successful and offer made to the applicant
    Unsuccessful The application not successful/Class cancelled
    Withdrawn The approved application withdrawn by the applicant
  7. You will be notified of the application result via e-mail. A note on your application result status will also be sent to your supervisor for his information via e-mail.
  8. Places allocated for a staff computer course are not transferable. To withdraw from a particular course, if the application has not yet been approved through the system, you can select "To Review Details on Courses Taken" and simply put a tick in the "Drop" box next to the staff computer course you have chosen. However, if the application has been approved, you may e-mail at to state your intention. Please note that you should submit your withdrawal at least one week before the commencement of the course.
  9. Late application is possible until two days before course commencement if there are seats available. Please send e-mail at indicating the details of the course you are interested, your name, staff ID number, contact telephone number, and your supervisor's e-mail account. As described in point 5, the system will send an e-mail to the indicated Approver for his approval.
  10. No course fee will be charged for all regular staff computer courses. However, all tailor-made courses for individual departments will be charged for their costs as usual.
  11. Except for proper withdrawal of application made at least one week before course commencement (as specified in point 8), any late withdrawal will be marked on the "List of Improper Withdrawal" and lower priority will be given to the staff concerned next time he applies for another course. Also, lower priority will be given to those staff who have not completed the previous enrolled courses.
  12. Applicants should make sure that they meet the pre-requisite(s) of a course before applying for it.
  13. For enquiries about course application: 3442 6284.
  14. The Computing Services Centre may change the Guidelines when deemed necessary.