Policy on Email Retention and Account Management

  1. All primary computer accounts and associated email accounts of leaving staff will be disabled on the day following the last day of service (in accordance with the HRO record). Leaving staff are reminded to complete all work on or before the last day of service. If necessary, data should be backed up and transferred to other colleagues to-be-advised by respective HoD.
  2. Academic staff can request a primary email account extension (extension) for up to 60 days, subject to HoD’s recommendation and justification. A further extension for another 30 days (total 90 days) may be granted based on an additional application.
  3. Email account extensions for administrative and supporting staff will not be granted.
  4. After the last day of service (or extension expiry date, as applicable), email account forwarding can be enabled for a maximum period of 12 months subject to the request of the respective HoD.
  5. All secondary computer account(s), if any, owned by the leaving staff (e.g. project accounts) will also be disabled on the day following the last day of service. Should such accounts still be required by the department, the department can submit a CSC Work Request to transfer the account ownership to another full-time staff. The account password for these secondary accounts should be reset upon transfer of ownership. This applied only to secondary accounts. The ownership of any primary account is not transferable.
  6. Email messages will be retained on the email server for 365 days after the day an account has been disabled (i.e., 365 days after the last day of service, or the expiry day of extension).

  7. Note:
    Academic units must raise requests for the above arrangements—with justification—via an online CSC Work Request at least 5 working days before the last day of service or the extension expiry date. As indicated in the CSC Work Request Form, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) considers all CSC Work Requests raised as having been approved by the HOD.