Computer Account Retention Policy for Leaving Staff

Staff who are about to leave the University should note the following in order to help them retrieve and save/transfer elsewhere the contents stored in their CityU computer accounts before they are deleted permanently and irretrievably.

For proper computer account life-cycle management, the following arrangements are in place for handling the primary and secondary computer accounts of a leaving staff member (leaving staff):

  1. All primary computer accounts (account names are the same as the EID) will expire and be deleted on the date following the last date of service (in accordance with the HRO record), except for the primary email account. The primary email account ( is provisioned as follows:

    1. If the University and the department of the leaving staff have no objection, it will be extended automatically for 60 calendar days (grace period) from the last date of service.
    2. Further extension of the primary email account beyond the aforesaid grace period must be approved and justified by the Head of Department (HoD) of the leaving staff. Under no circumstances can such further extension exceed 30 days counting from the last day of the grace period.
    3. After the grace period and further extension, if any, the primary email account and all its related contents will be deleted; thereafter, only email forwarding will be allowed for a maximum period of 9 months, which has to be approved and justified by the HoD.
    4. Note: Request for arrangement for 1b and 1c above must be raised at least 5 working days before the respective expiry dates via the CSC Work Request by the department with justification; otherwise, it will not be processed. The Computing Services Centre (CSC) will treat all CSC Work Requests raised as having already obtained the approval of the HoD (as indicated in the CSC Work Request Form).
  2. All secondary computer account(s), if any, owned by the leaving staff, e.g. project accounts, will also expire and be deleted on the date following the last date of service. If any of the secondary account(s) is still required by the department after he/she left the University, the department can submit a CSC Work Request at least 5 working days before it expires to transfer the account ownership to another regular full-time staff. Nevertheless, the ownership of primary computer account is not transferable.

  3. As the leaving staff will not be able to access any of the computing services after the last date of service except his/her primary email account during its grace period, the leaving staff are urged to do the following as deemed appropriate:

    1. Complete all work on or before the last date of service;
    2. Transfer or back up all the needed contents from all IT services while they are still accessible by the primary and secondary computer account(s), and
    3. At the start of the grace period of the primary email account, please forward all email sent to account to an external email account, and start using the external email account for email correspondence whereby informing the email correspondents on the change of email address before the end of the grace period. Please also back up/transfer the needed email before the end of the grace period. If there is a substantial amount of email content, please allow sufficient time to back up/transfer.