Sustainable Technologies for Energy, Environment and Health


As core strength of the School of Energy and Environment, we employ interdisciplinary nature in developing various state-of-the-art technologies for future smart cities. These activities are structured in the themes of clean energy and water security. From photovoltaic conversion and solar hydrogen production, to wastewater treatment and air purification, the vision is to develop novel technologies that will enhance the energy and environmental sustainability of megacities. These clean technologies have further implications to improving the overall health of the city dwellers.

Key Research Areas:

  1. Solar Energy Conversion (Sam H. Y. HSUJason C. H. LAMMichael K. H. LEUNGYun Hau NG, Sai Kishore RAVIPatrick SIT)
  2. Ultraclean Fuels (Sam H. Y. HSUJason C. H. LAMPatrick LEEYun Hau NGJin SHANG)
  3. Waste-to-Energy ( Jason C. H. LAMPatrick LEEMichael K. H. LEUNGCarol LINYun Hau NG)
  4. Energy Storage (Sai Kishore RAVIPatrick SITEdwin C. Y. TSO, Jian WANGDenis Y. W. YU)
  5. Air Purification (Patrick LEEYun Hau NGJin SHANGPatrick SIT)
  6. Water Remediation (Alicia K. J. ANPatrick LEEYun Hau NGPatrick SIT)
  7. Policies for Sustainable Technologies (Shauhrat CHOPRALin ZHANG)
  8. Climate Science (Jung-Eun CHU, Jin-Soo KIM)

Our Centres and Laboratories: