Secondary school students join CityU cancer research project at Information Day

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Briefing sessions, workshops and facilities on campus will be open for secondary school students at Information Day at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 11 October.
In addition to getting the latest information about programmes and university life, the students will be invited to participate in a large-scale cancer cell research project. The research findings, together with the names of the participants, will be published in an international journal. 
Around 800 secondary students will be invited to track the movement of cancer cells on micro-chips during the research project, which will take place at Information Day, thus contributing to CityU’s research on the development of a new generation of bioengineering tools for the sorting and analysis of human cancer cells.
Through this project, which was initiated by the College of Science and Engineering, the students will acquire a taste for research and learn more about CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum, which is designed to generate enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge and develop the capability for innovation.
In addition, the School of Creative Media will organise a workshop that blends art with science. The students will be able to convert sound into various interesting visual effects by using the installations provided by the School and applying the principles of vibration and sound.
Business leaders from various sectors and outstanding CityU alumni will share information with students about the workplace and the latest development of different industries. The information sessions held by the Admissions Office on JUPAS and non-JUPAS applications will help students understand CityU’s admission requirements and selection criteria.
Among the laboratories opened up to secondary school students will be the HK$4 million Gateway Education Laboratory, which has been specially designed for undergraduates and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers and 3D scanners. The innovative learning environment supports CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum.

Information sessions and exhibitions will be held by the College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, School of Creative Media, School of Law, and School of Energy and Environment.
Guided tours will be arranged for visitors to see CityU’s teaching and research facilities such as the studios and digital media teaching facilities in the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, English Language Centre, and the Library. Participants will also visit student hostels to learn about university life.
Please visit this website for more information.
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