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Optic nerve regeneration
Researchers at CityU have identified and demonstrated for the first time a therapeutic small molecule, M1, that can restore the visual function in the mammalian central nervous system, offering hope for patients with optic nerve damage such as glaucoma-related vision loss.
Appointments and re-appointments for Council and Court
New appointees to the Council and Court of CityU have been announced for a term of three years starting from 1 January 2023.
New CityU student hostel set to enrich student experience, promoting diversity; innovative technologies reduce construction period
A ceremony was held to mark the commencement of the MiC installation work for the new halls of residence located at Whitehead in Ma On Shan for students at CityU.
President granted management medal
Professor Way Kuo, the President of CityU and University Distinguished Professor, was awarded a prestigious medal in Management by the Chinese Management Association (CMA) of Taiwan on December 3.
HK Tech Forum on Metabolism in Health and Disease
Eminent scholars explored complex signaling networks in various metabolic pathways at the HK Tech Forum on Metabolism in Health and Disease from 15 to 16 December.
Donation from Ms Chau Sin-wo
CityU received a donation from Ms Chau Sin-wo to promote the University advancement and set up the Chau Sin Wo Scholarships for the School of Law. A classroom at CityU has been named “Chau Sin Wo Classroom” in appreciation of her generous support.
Research on hydrogen production led by Prof Lu Jian
Two efficient and inexpensive novel electrocatalysts for hydrogen production offering sustainable green solutions for the energy crisis have been developed by CityU.
HK Tech 300 signs MoU with Pacific Coffee
CityU and Pacific Coffee jointly announced on 13 December that they will collaborate on fostering an innovative entrepreneurship culture, and thus contribute to innovation and technology development throughout Hong Kong.
5th HK Tech Forum investigates quantum physics and complex systems
Leading academic and industry researchers gathered at the HK Tech Forum on Quantum Physics and Complex Systems hosted by the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study at CityU from 7 to 9 December.
P Lecture by Prof Zeng Xiaocheng
Research outcomes often depend on both serendipity and design, according to Professor Zeng Xiaocheng, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at CityU, on the latest President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia.

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