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In his 2001-2002 budget speech, the Financial Secretary said it is imperative that Hong Kong "continue to enhance our corporate governance" as an international financial centre, even though this standard is among the highest in the region.
Hong Kong has never been short of indices, particularly in the economic and business arena. We have, for example, the Hang Seng Index to gauge the volatility of its stock market. CityU's Department of Management Sciences, in co-operation with Centaline Property Agency Ltd, produces the Centaline Index to record the ups and downs of the local residential property market.
Materials ranging from metal and cloth to wood and ropes and plastic were used to illustrate the artists' views of life in an exhibition showcasing the artwork of 27 first and second year students from CityU's School of Creative Media.
The world of e-commerce is changing at the speed of light. Companies boom and go bust in the blink of an eye. New business strategies come and go like whirlwinds. Everyone involved in e-business, from theorists to practitioners, have a difficult time keeping up with the latest developments, let alone share their experience and wisdom with others.
City University of Hong Kong is renowned for its many collaborations with industry, but it also contributes to the community by fostering academic co-operation among local and overseas schools.

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