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On 20 April 2004, Professor H K Chang, University President, together with CityU's Deputy President and two vice-presidents, met with 17 student representatives, led by Mr Kelvin Chan, President of the Students' Union, to exchange views on the issue of "deep collaboration" between CityU and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).
Dear Colleagues, At the end of March, I led a CityU delegation to Shanghai. The visit came in response to an invitation extended to us in 2002 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). It was delayed due to SARS and other circumstances last year. The trip proved to be both inspiring and sobering.
What's going on between CityU and PolyU? News reports yesterday almost invariably pointed to one final destination, rather than the process. In order to find out more about the ties developing between the two institutions, and to let staff and students understand more of the background, CityU NewsCentre talked with Professor H K Chang this morning.
Today we bid farewell to an old friend, and welcome a new one. The three-year-old CityU Today website, a source of information and stories about CityU, has retired. In its place comes the new and improved CityU NewsCentre, which is committed to reporting “the University's latest and greatest."

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