CityU confers Honorary Fellowships on three distinguished persons

Mirror Fung

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(From left) President Way Kuo, Professor Sun Kai-lit Cliff, Dr Yip Kit-chuen, Dr Chung Shui-ming, Mr Herbert Hak Kong Tsoi and Mr Lester Garson Huang.


Three distinguished persons were conferred the title of Honorary Fellow of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in recognition of their distinctive contributions to the development of, and service to, the University and the community.

The distinguished persons are:

  • Professor Sun Kai-lit Cliff, Chairman of Kinox Enterprises Limited and Kin Hip Metal and Plastic Factory Limited;
  • Mr Herbert Hak Kong Tsoi, Senior Partner at Herbert Tsoi & Partners; and
  • Dr Yip Kit-chuen, Chairman of G.E.W. International Corporation Limited.

Dr Chung Shui-ming, Pro-Chancellor, Mr Lester Garson Huang, Council Chairman, and Professor Way Kuo, University President, officiated at the ceremony, which was held on 17 September.

In his welcoming address, Mr Huang thanked the Honorary Fellows for their considerable contributions to CityU and society-at-large. “CityU has benefitted enormously from their input over the years,” he said.

Mr Huang reflected on the CityU’s successes. “We have set up Hong Kong’s first-ever school for veterinary medicine, launched Hong Kong’s first school for data science, established a global reputation in creative media and brought together energy and environment uniquely under one roof,” he said.

“Our other areas of research also indicate how we keep our finger on the pulse of society, promoting scholarship in fields of great use to society and with great potential for improving people’s lives. Areas such as big data, electrical engineering, materials science, biomedical engineering and a suite of other fields have a direct impact on the lives of the communities around us,” he added.

Professor Sun addressed the assembly on behalf of the Honorary Fellows. “We are dedicated to supporting the University’s mission to nurture and develop student talent and to create applicable knowledge to achieve social and economic advancement in Hong Kong,” he said. “We also endorse and respect the five core values of the University: Excellence, Honesty, Freedom of Enquiry, Accountability, and Civility and Collegiality. These values provide essential nutrients that nourish the University’s dynamic development.”



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