CityU President discusses risks in society

Cathy Lau

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Professor Way Kuo, President of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), delivered a keynote address at the “InnoTech Expo 2016” on 27 September.

In his speech titled “Technology risk and risk management”, Professor Kuo said quality assurance and innovation were equally important in order to achieve safety and reliability for innovative technology.

He pointed out that smart cities were equipped with high technology, but at the same time faced challenges such as insecure communication and air pollution. “Our major risk today does not come from nuclear power plant. But seven million people have died each year since 2014 due to air pollution, according to data from the United Nations,” he said.

After Professor Kuo’s speech, Dr Tsang Kim-fung, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of Electronic Engineering (EE) and Chairman of the Internet of Things Committee of the Smart City Consortium, hosted a seminar themed “Smart City – What is Hong Kong Waiting for?” Guests, including Professor Man Kim-fung, Chair Professor of CityU’s EE, exchanged views at the seminar.

Two innovative technology projects from CityU were exhibited at the Expo: “Renewable Polylactic Acid (PLA) Fibre Transformed from Food Waste” and “Smart Battery Health Diagnostic System”.

The eight-day “InnoTech Expo 2016”, which was organised by the Our Hong Kong Foundation, aimed to promote knowledge about the development of advanced technology in China, encourage young people to seize the opportunities brought to Hong Kong by innovative technology, and help them to boost Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness, too.


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