New student leaders pledge to serve CityU community

Jo Kam

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The 23rd Students’ Union Executive Committee, Union Council, Arbitration Committee, Editorial Board and other student societies of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) vowed to serve the students at a joint inauguration ceremony on 7 March.

The inauguration ceremony of the new executive committee of the Students’ Union got underway with a lighting ceremony officiated by Professor David Tong Shuk-yin, Deputy President; Professor Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Acting Vice-President (Undergraduate Education); and Sixtus Leung Chung-hang, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the 22nd Students’ Union.

In his opening address, Professor Tong encouraged the new executive

committee of the Students’ Union. “The way the Students’ Union is elected is a highlight of the difference between a university and a secondary school. In university, all students are eligible to cast their votes, so the executive committee is elected in a democratic manner and endowed with the power of autonomy.” He also appreciated the serious manner of students in counting the votes, which he hoped would typify the new Students’ Union approach to serving their fellow students.

“To be elected as the executive committee of the Students’ Union is both an honour and a responsibility,” Professor Lam said. “The Students’ Union should act as a bridge between the University and students and communicate with the University on behalf of all students,” he said, before encouraging the new executive committee to take up their responsibilities to serve the University, their fellow students and their families with a good conscience.

Sixtus shared with the new Students’ Union his experience as the Chairman of the executive committee of the Students’ Union last year. During his term he had encountered many difficulties and challenges. However, he would always uphold one belief: regardless of the extent of accomplishment, as long as he could help fellow students, his efforts were worthwhile.

Under the supervision of Professor Lilian Vrijmoed Kwan Lee-ping, Dean of Student Learning, the new executive members took their oath and officially assumed their posts. Andy Chu Ka-kit the new Chairman of the Executive Committee, said in his inauguration address that the theme of the new Students’ Union is “Fire”. He explained that there are two meanings embodied in the theme: enthusiasm like a fire in their hearts, and friendship and union as a homophone of the Chinese character “partners”. He vowed to work in unison with all executive committee members of the Students’ Union to serve fellow students, the University and the community.

The highlight of the inauguration ceremony arrived with the award presentation of the inaugural “Top Outstanding CityU Student Leader Awards”. The awards are open to all students who have served as a member of the executive committee of the Students’ Union or a committee member of other student associations and societies, as recognition of their contributions to serving the students and the community. Seven students were honoured.

The awards were set up by an enthusiastic alumnus, Mr Andrew Fan Ka-fai. “The mission of CityU is to turn our students ‘From Student to Professional’. The setting up of this award is to further encourage students ‘From Professional to Leader”, to develop leadership with outstanding professional competence,” he said. “With leadership and professional competence, they can become society’s leaders.”

Mr Fan was one of the first bachelor degree graduates of CityU. He is president of the Greater China Region for Nu Skin Enterprises - a publicly-listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, and an officio member of the Convocation’s first committee. As an undergraduate at CityU, Mr Fan was an Elected Councillor for the first Students’ Union, the Chairman of Council for the second Students’ Union, and again, the Chairman of Council as well as Acting President for the third Students’ Union. He was also the Vice Chairman of the Organising Committee for Business & Management Departmental Society, and a member of the CityU Debating Team.


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