CityU organizes Supplemental Instruction Scheme to help secondary school students

Jo Kam

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The Department of Accountancy at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) celebrated the successful completion of its year-long Supplemental Instruction Scheme for secondary school students with a closing ceremony on 7 July.

The Supplemental Instruction Scheme, which is sponsored by the Quality Education Fund, encourages outstanding Accountancy undergraduates to mentor secondary school students. In the past year, more than 100 Form 4 students from seven local secondary schools have been meeting with the CityU leaders and mentors every fortnight in small study groups.

The CityU leaders and mentors helped the Form 4 students to solve problems, enhance their interest in the subject, improve study skills, nurture effective study habits and boost confidence.

The Supplemental Instruction Scheme reflects the philosophy of whole-person education advocated by CityU. This philosophy focuses upon developing all-round graduates and encouraging students to make significant contributions to society.

At the closing ceremony, Mr Joseph Chan Kai-nin, Director of CityU’s Student Development Services, and Dr Margaret Poon Chong-ching, Associate Professor in the Department of Accountancy and Principal Coordinator on the Scheme, presented certificates of completion to secondary school and CityU students.

“The Supplemental Instruction Scheme allows students from the Department of Accountancy to apply their professional knowledge to community services, thus enhancing their personal growth,” said Mr Chan.

Dr Poon was delighted by the overall response. “The secondary school students really appreciated the help offered by CityU and its students. The response was overwhelming and more students requested to participate after the Scheme got started,” she said.

Anthony Wong Man-ho, a Year 3 Accountancy student and one of the more than 20 leaders and mentors, said the scheme enabled him to review what he had learned in class, and by teaching the mentees, he gained greater understanding of the subject. “The secondary school students were very enthusiastic,” he said. “They were genuinely sincere in their desire to learn. And by helping them, I have matured.”

Other participating students agreed, saying the Scheme reinforced their knowledge, improved academic performance and boosted their own interest in learning. The teachers from the secondary schools said the Scheme had enhanced self-learning and confidence.

The participating schools were Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Queen Maud Secondary School; King Ling College; St Joseph’s College; STFA Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School; STFA Leung Kau Kui College; Tuen Mun Government Secondary School; and Po Leung Kuk C W CHU College. Mr Tsui Wai-kei of STFA Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School and Mr Eric Tai Ming-kee of STFA Leung Kau Kui College were investigators on the Scheme.


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