CityU A+++ Scholarship awardees start transformation into professionals

Jenny Kwan

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Newly-recruited students at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) celebrated the start of their transformation into professionals at the A+++ Scholarship Schemes Presentation Ceremony on 7 November.

Altogether 28 awardees of the 2006-07 A+++ Scholarship Schemes joined together with their parents and principals and teachers from secondary school to mark the start of their university life and their journey towards a fulfilling professional career.

Professor H K Chang, University President, said it was encouraging that so many students were awarded A+++ Scholarships, even though the scheme was less than a year old. He hoped even more students would secure awards next year.

“I congratulate all the awardees and hope you will continue to work hard to get first-rate results at CityU,” Professor Chang said.

To underscore CityU’s mission to provide students with a holistic learning experience, a professorial mentor is assigned to each scholarship recipient to help plan their personal growth and academic and career expectations.

In addition, Student Development Services has arranged activities, seminars and programmes that cultivate spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, career and emotional development.

Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education), said the provision of a professional education was central to CityU’s mission. “In addition to the scholarships, we have provided activities and support that will help to develop the talents of our students, guiding them towards the ultimate goal which is to transform themselves into professionals.”

Four of the A+++ Scholarship awardees—Toni Tse Wing-tung of the

Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business; Winnie Ng Wing-yee of the School of Creative Media; and Kay Che I-kei and Joe Chu Sin-hang of the Department of Public and Social Administration, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences—said they were delighted to receive the scholarships, agreeing that the awards would motivate them to study hard.

Toni said he was a people-person interested in marketing, and he chose CityU after attending a seminar by Mr Alex Tham Koy-siong, BBA Marketing Programme Leader, at CityU’s Information Day in 2005. “I want to use these three years at university to train myself to be an influential and knowledgeable person like Mr Tham,” Toni said.

Winnie’s decision to study at the School of Creative Media was influenced by her parents. “My father loves photography and my mother is very interested in making home movies, so I naturally became interested in creative media,” Winnie said. Looking ahead, Winnie said she would like to focus on the application of technology to the arts, a vital part of the creative media field nowadays.

“I was so surprised when I got a call from CityU about the scholarship,” said Kay, who thought the A+++ Scholarship Schemes were just part of the promotions. She praised Student Development Services for organizing activities for the scholarship recipients. “I am overwhelmed by the special favours that the University has bestowed upon us in addition to the financial support,” she said, promising to grasp every opportunity to grow towards becoming a professional.

Joe is studying for the BSocSc in Policy Studies and Administration because she decided when younger to work as an executive in a welfare organization. She loves the friendly atmosphere on campus and has matured a lot in the first two months on campus. “Learning in tertiary education requires taking the initiative, which motivates me to be more positive and proactive,” she said.

The A+++ Scholarship Schemes were launched this year to reward new students, to be admitted to the University in the 2006-07, who had registered outstanding academic and sporting achievements. On offer are entrance scholarships, student exchange scholarships and residence scholarships. All students applying for bachelor’s degree programmes at CityU through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System are eligible.

Students with outstanding academic results will be offered an entrance scholarship and a student exchange scholarship. If they demonstrate outstanding sporting prowess, they will be offered a residence scholarship as well. The duration of the scholarships depends on whether the recipients are undertaking a three-year or four-year programme. The maximum amount a single student can receive is $280,000.


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