Work of artist Zhu Suizhi displayed at CityU Gallery

Grace Ho

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The Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV) of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is holding an exhibition entitled “The Works of Zhu Suizhi” from 1 July to 20 August. The exhibition displays the calligraphy, paintings and seal carvings of Professor Zhu Suizhi, Director of the Department of Calligraphy, China Academy of Art.

This is Professor Zhu’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. It features more than 40 works from different stages of his career, nearly all of which are on public display for the first time, including an 11-metre work of calligraphy comprising four poems composed by Liu Zongyuan, a renowned poet from the Tang Dynasty.

The exhibition exemplifies CityU’s commitment to promoting art and culture among staff, students and the general public.

Professor Zhu has been practicing calligraphy, painting and seal carving for more than 40 years. Under the tutelage of the great masters Qian Juntao, Sha Menghai, Lu Weizhao and Zhu Lesan, Professor Zhu has become an outstanding artist, known for his unique style, nurtured from rich Chinese cultural and historical legacies.

Professor Zhu’s art blends grace with strength and is deeply rooted in Chinese scholarly tradition and artistic heritage. Pursuing intellectual study and mastering high skills were equally important, according to Professor Zhu, whose work has been exhibited throughout the mainland China and overseas. He has won national and international awards, including those presented by the National Museum in Sweden and Yale University Art Gallery.

Officiating at the opening ceremony on 30 June were Professor Zhu, Mr Tang Hoi-chiu, Chief Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Mr Xue Yongxing, Head of the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau of Xinhua News Agency; and Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education), CityU.

“Aesthetic development is an integral element of CityU’s whole-person development philosophy,” Professor Ho said. “I hope our students can take part in more artistic activities like this and learn to better appreciate art, beauty and nature.”

Professor Cheng Pei-kai, CCIV Director, said Professor Zhu’s work manifested the essence of Chinese art. “Visitors will have a chance to understand his artistic achievements through the exhibition,” he said. The exhibition serves to foster more exchange among aficionados of calligraphy and painting in Hong Kong and Hangzhou, where the China Academy of Art was founded, he added.

“The Works of Zhu Suizhi” runs from 1 July to 20 August at the CityU Gallery, located on Level 6 of CityU’s Amenities Building. Opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm every day.


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