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An exhibition by acclaimed Spanish contemporary artist, Josep Vernis, will be held 9 to 19 October at the CityUArtGallery. The exhibition is co-organized by the CityUArtGallery, the University's Culture and Sports Committee and the Department of English and Communication, in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Spanish Consulate General.

Josep Vernis, an internationally renowned painter and sculptor as well as a Professor of Art at the Universitat de Vic, will be the Guest of Honor at the exhibit's inauguration cocktail at the CityU Gallery, from , 8 October. Professor Matthew Chen, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Chairman of the Cultural and Sports Committee will host.

Born in 1940 in Vic (Catalonia), Josep Vernis has divided his time between artistic creation and the teaching of plastic arts at the University of Vic. He also spent many years working with the independent theatre group "La

Gabia", responsible for scenography, costumes and make-up. Josep Vernis has always been deeply interested in social issues as well as in his Catalan roots, and this can be traced in his pictorial language and his imagery, which combines abstraction and figuration.

Mr. Vernis will also give a lecture, "The work of Josep Vernis: process, context and development" (in Spanish with English subtitles) 10 October at 17:00 (Lecture Theatre 18), where he will discuss his work and field questions from students as well as the general public. For more information, contact: Mr Angel Garralda, 2788-8737.


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