Teaching Excellence Awards shortlist

Shuyee Chen

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The Quality Assurance Committee announced on 24 February the shortlist of eight nominees (from 26 nominees) for this year's Teaching Excellence Awards:

Faculty of Business



  • Dr Kai Lim (Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems)
  • Dr Maris G Martinsons (Associate Professor, Department of Management)
  • Mr Daniel Tse (Department of Information Systems)

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • Dr Elaine Au (Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies)
  • Dr Arthur Cheung (Lecturer, Department of Public and Social Administration)



Faculty of Science and Engineering



  • Dr Marian Choy (Instructor I, Department of Computer Science)
  • Dr Andy Chun (Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science)



College of Higher Vocational Studies



  • Dr Kokin Lam (Principal Lecturer, Division of Commerce)



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