"NirenZhang" exhibition

Michale Woloschuk

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CityU's Chinese Civilisation Centre and CityU Gallery are presenting the "NirenZhang" Zhang Yue & Zhang Zexun Exhibition, the first exhibition of "NirenZhang" clay sculpture ever presented in Hong Kong.

The exhibition was opened on 24 September by sculptors Mr Van Lau, Miss Zhang Zexun, and Director of the Chinese Civilisation Centre, Professor Cheng Pei-kai. Zhang Yue is a renowned "NirenZhang" artist. His daughter, Zhang Zexun, has inherited this rich artistic heritage. Some 40 pieces of their work is featured at the exhibit.

The art of "NirenZhang" flourished in 19th century China. The appreciation of "NirenZhang" requires that viewers observe the details of every expression and gesture, as well as the execution of vestmental treatment and of painting. Aesthetic experiences can also be acquired by changes in position, background or perspective.

Zhang Yue's art, in addition to the above characteristics, tends to extend from the internal to the external, exhibiting a magnanimous

cosmic space to convey a powerful feeling of temporal and spatial transcendence.

The "NirenZhang" Zhang Yue & Zhang Zexun Exhibition, which showcases both artists' masterpieces, will be held at CityU Gallery, 6/F Amenities Building from 25 September until 20 October, from to everyday. All are welcome.



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