Teaching Excellence Awards 2001

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Since 1994, the University has sponsored excellence in teaching by recognizing and rewarding distinguished teachers with the Teaching Excellence Award. In determining excellence, the Selection Panel identifies outstanding teachers who are able to show, over a sustained period of time, evidence of their performance under some, or all, of the following criteria: a high level of competency in the skills necessary to motivate and assist student learning; a constructive contribution to the University's teaching culture; the ability to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the subject area; and an interest in the improvement of teaching and the development of teaching innovations. Four awards are presented at the 16th Congregation ceremony this year. All award winners have their names added to a permanently displayed register, in recognition of their excellent teaching. 








Dr Rodney JONES, Lecturer
Department of English and Communication

Dr Jones received his MATESL from City University of Hong Kong and his PhD from Macquarie University in Australia. His enthusiastic and dynamic approach to teaching impresses on students the relevance of the theories and concepts they are learning to their everyday lives. An innovator in the use of information technology in teaching, Dr Jones involves his students in creating interactive websites that serve as virtual communities of learning. He has also endeavored to strengthen the relationship between teaching and research by bringing his experiences from the field into the classroom, and by using his classroom skills to find creative ways to disseminate the findings of his research to the communities that might benefit from them. His research interests include health-related communication, intercultural communication, interactional sociolinguistics, and mediated discourse analysis, and his research has included work with adolescent drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS. Throughout the years he has worked closely with local AIDS organizations and served on numerous governmental and non-governmental councils and advisory bodies.








Dr Alexandar DJORDJEVICH, Associate Professor
Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management








Dr Djordjevich received his PhD from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada, in 1989 for his work on computer-controlled precision radiotherapy for cancer patients. An associate professor at CityU, Dr Djordjevich emphasizes the importance of inspiring students to learn for themselves and helping them master the process skills of critical thinking and problem solving. The inner core of his teaching approach involves hard work and continuous self-appraisal of his performance coupled with a constant search for a possible improvement. He is proud that one of his students won the Overall Best Student Project Award at the 1997 HK Technology Week. His main research interests are the structural deflection-curvature sensors, active damping of vibrating structures, and precision machining. Dr Djordjevich's down-to-earth teaching philosophy has earned him respect and admiration from colleagues and students, who praise his caring, thoughtful, sensible and encouraging teaching style.








Dr Moez LIMAYEM, Associate Professor
Department of Information Systems

Dr Limayem received his MBA and PhD in Information Systems from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining CityU, Dr Limayem had already demonstrated his impeccable teaching skills, winning the HERMES award for excellence in teaching at Laval University in Canada, winning the Best Information Systems Teaching award for four consecutive years, and most recently, winning the prestigious 3M Excellence Teaching Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at Canadian universities. Since his arrival at CityU, Dr Limayem has become renowned for his outstanding teaching abilities and his leadership in educational development. His students and peers describe him as a teacher of exceptional character, enthusiasm, talent and commitment. He uses an array of well-honed pedagogical skills to provide his students with up-to-date knowledge in a variety of subject areas. His innovative teaching techniques are not only compelling, but consistently bring him very high student evaluations. This was re-affirmed in the last MBA course he taught, when he received an unprecedented perfect evaluation score. In addition to his extraordinary performance as a classroom teacher, Dr Limayem has worked tirelessly to help his colleagues improve their teaching.








Dr John W K LEUNG, Associate Professor
Department of Marketing

Dr Leung received both his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Wisconsin. Known for his strong contacts in the field, Dr Leung's industry experience enriches his teaching. Because of his professional background, he is able to bring, through his own experience and through guest speakers from industry, the real world into the classroom. Because of his balanced scientific and management skills, he is sought after as a consultant by large corporations such as Wing On and Sun Hung Kai. He consistently delivers up-to-date knowledge and practical case studies to students, and focuses not only on the academic aspects of management sciences, but on the entire personal development of his students. He is persistent in spending extra hours outside of the classroom to nurture the development of his students. He has become a lifelong mentor and receives excellent feedback from students, colleagues and management at the Faculty of Business. He is also one of the top senior civil service trainers in Hong Kong, and has helped enhance the visibility of City University of Hong Kong in the executive-level training market. Dr Leung was formerly an associate professor at the Department of Management Sciences and currently an associate professor in the Department of Marketing.












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