New Faculty Research Centres

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The University has identified new areas of strategic interest in both inter- and multidisciplinary research, with the setting up of three new Faculty Research Centres: Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization, Centre for Media Technology, and Southeast Asia Centre . With these additions, the number of faculty research centres at CityU now totals 10.

Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization
Director: Professor Chen Guanrong, Department of Electronic Engineering
The centre aims to promote fundamental research on the emerging and cutting-edge technology of chaos control and synchronization. It targets both academic leadership and commercial applications. It plays a significant role in technological advances and transfer, as well as quality postgraduate training. Nonlinear circuits, computational algorithms, chaos generation via control methods and circuit design are the long-term research focus of the centre.

Centre for Media Technology
Acting Director: Professor P S Chung, Department of Electronic Engineering
The centre aims to develop advanced technology for media creation, retrieval, interaction, and delivery. Its long-term objectives are to conduct theoretical and applied research in areas of virtual/ augmented reality and computer animation, image processing and pattern recognition, multimedia information indexing and retrieval, novel multimodal interfaces, and Internet techonology.

Southeast Asia Research Centre
Acting Director: Dr Graeme Lang, Department of Applied Social Studies
The centre aims to develop a world-class programme of research on Southeast Asia, accomplished through high-quality academic publications and international conferences. Research sponsored by the centre will focus on the overall theme of ÒRemaking Southeast Asia in a Global Context: Cultures, Development, Challenges.Ó It will seek to establish its strength through a focused research agenda on analysis of contemporary medium-term trends in the region, in terms of social change, development issues, and inter-ethnic relations and conflicts. Existing Faculty Research Centres
Accounting and Corporate Law Centre
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Research Centre
Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law
Chinese Management Research Centre
Centre for Comparative Public Management and Social Policy
Centre for English Language Education and Communication Research
Centre for Intelligent Design, Automation and Manufacturing
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