C02: Doing Chemistry on Computers (虛擬化學) 

“CHEM-IS-TRY” is a traditional experimental science with knowledge built based on our experiences accumulated through observing experimental outcomes. While “trying” out experiments at the laboratory still forms an essential part of modern Chemistry, we can now predict chemical and physical properties of matter at the atomic level through computer simulations before our actual experimental attempts. This lecture will take you to visit the amazing Atomic World with tools of molecular modelling.  

「CHEM-IS-TRY」 是一門傳統的實驗科學,我們通過觀察實驗結果,積累經驗從而建立知識。雖然進行實驗仍然是現代化學的重要組成部分,但我們現在可以在實際實驗之前,通過電腦模擬,於原子級別上準確地預測物質的化學和物理特性。本講座將帶您通過分子建模工具,探索令人驚嘆的原子世界。

Speaker: Prof. Andy SIU
Target Audience: Form 4 - 6
Duration: 45 minutes
Medium of Language: English or Cantonese

Registration: https://www.cityu.edu.hk/csci/local-school-outreach/popular-science-talks