Deleted Email Retention on Staff and Student Email platforms (Office 365)

  • Email deleted by a staff, student and alumni (collectively known as “user” hereafter) is moved to the Deleted Items folder of the user’s email account, which consumes the user’s email disk quota. The email in the Deleted Items folder can be retained as long as required by the user for the purpose of restore as required.

  • After Empty Folder (a user command to purge Deleted Items), purged email will be moved from the user’s Deleted Items folder to a separate (central) MS Office 365’s Deleted Items folder, and the disk quota of the purged email will be recovered.

  • The purged email will be retained in MS Office 365’s Deleted Items folder for a maximum of 30 days, during which the user can still restore the purged email from MS Office 365’s Deleted Items folder before it is permanently deleted after 30 days.

  • The above retention for deleted email is not applicable to users who do not use Office 365 email direct, e.g. users who Redirect, Fetch, Connect email from Office 365 to Google, Yahoo, or other external accounts.