Student Exchange (Inbound)


Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides a range of services and information to exchange students. Please follow the link to obtain admissions information and download forms.

Our department is within the College of Engineering (CENG). Additional information for exchange students can be found in their student corner.

If you are an applicant from a partner institute with an exchange agreement with our department, please send your application form to:

Student Exchange
Department of Systems Engineering
City University of Hong Kong
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 3442-0173

Application Deadline

May for Semester A enrolment (September Entry)
October for Semester B enrolment (January Entry)

Courses (Tentative)

Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalogue for the course syllabuses.

Inbound Exchange Student
Course Title Credit Offer in Semester
GE2304 Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 A
SYE2066 Professional Engineering Practice 3 A
SYE2100 Engineering Statistics and Experimentation 3 A
SYE3003 Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Processes and Systems 3 A
SYE3004 Production Planning and Control 3 A
SYE3101 Basic Methodologies and Tools for Risk Engineering 3 A
SYE4024 Project Management 3 A
SYE4003 Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Operations 3 A
SYE4036 Manufacturing Systems Modelling and Optimization 3 A
SYE4059 Process Monitoring and Inspection Techniques 3 A
SYE5006 Operations Management 3 A
SYE6009 Project Management 3 A
GE2336 Systems Thinking to Understand Phenomena 3 B
GE2339 Smart City – a Systems Engineering Perspective 3 B
SYE2010 Fundamental Engineering Analysis and Design for Manufacturing Engineers I 3 B
SYE2339 Smart City – a Systems Engineering Perspective 3 B
SYE2046 Numerical Computation for Manufacturing and Systems Engineers 3 B
SYE3060 Operations Research 3 B
SYE4001 Digital Manufacturing and Operations 3 B
SYE4005 Industrial Data and Manufacturing Analytics 3 B
SYE4006 Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control 3 B
SYE4103 Decision Analysis and Risk Management 3 B
SYE6015 Supply Chain Management 3 B
SYE6043 Quality and Reliability Engineering 3 B

Remarks: (*) Registration for postgraduate courses will be scrutinized case by case. Normally, exchange students with less than 3 years of university education are not encouraged to select P5 and P6 courses.

Other courses offered by the university: Programme and Course Catalogue

There are also language courses available to exchange students.

Course Code Course Title Credit Offer in Semester
LC2956 Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers I 3 A & B
Points to note:
  • Course offering information is subject to change.
  • Course registration is subject to the approval of the course offering department.
  • Registration for physical eduation courses offerd by the Student Development Services must be done by the student and is done after the student has been granted online access to the course registration system.

Notes to applicants
(I) Course Selection
  • Each course has been assigned a "level" to indicate the degree of academic difficulty associated with the course. Levels B2, B3 and B4 are undergraduate courses while P5 and P6 are postgraduate courses. Requests for registration of postgraduate courses will be scrutinized case by case. Normally, exchange students with less than 3 years of university education are not encouraged to select P5 and P6 courses.
  • Exchange students hosted by the SYE department are required to select at least half of their courses offered by the respective department.
  • At CityU, an exchange student must be a full-time student. The minimum and maximum study loads for a full-time student are respectively 12 and 18 credits in a semester.
(II) Assessment
  • Exchange students should observe important dates published on the University's academic calendar within their study period. Requests for special assessment arrangement / schedule are normally not considered. Please refer to the University's Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees for more information.
(III) Off-campus Accommodation
  • Students are strongly advised to arrive Hong Kong at least two or three weeks before the semester begins in order to seek off-campus accommodation.
  • Details about off-campus accommodation are available at the SRO website.
  • Enquiry: (Email)


Student exchange coordinator:
Professor CHU Yinghao

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Last modified on 15 July, 2024