Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme

As part of the CityU Talents Programme to attract high caliber students and inspire existing Year 1 students to raise their academic performance, the University introduced “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programmes”, where students will be awarded a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree together upon completion of their study.

What is an “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme”?

Normally, a Bachelor’s degree at CityU requires students to complete 120 credit units in 4 years, and a Master’s degree requires full-time students to complete 30 credit units in 1 year. Students in an “Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme” will receive a conditional offer for a Master's degree programme when they join CityU as undergraduate students. They can benefit from higher-level courses, such as those with research elements and normally taught at the postgraduate level, during their undergraduate study. On completion of their study at CityU, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering Management.

Why BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (BEngITME) plus MSc in Engineering Management (MSEM)?

Our BEngITME curriculum aims at developing students who are capable of using cutting-edge engineering knowledge, computational, experimental and analytical techniques to plan, design, implement and improve technology-based manufacturing and operations systems. The MSEM courses extend the BEngITME training in manufacturing systems and technologies, but focus on the management aspects. They further enrich students’ knowledge in strategic planning, problem-solving, decision making and analysis. Students will be trained to integrate and apply technical and managerial expertise in the management of engineering projects, operations, products and services in engineering/ manufacturing companies.

Upon completion of the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree programme, students will be well-equipped with knowledge and skills in both engineering and managerial dimensions. Blending technical and management skills creates a powerful platform to launch an engineering career, diversifies the students’ choices in career planning, and substantially increases their competitiveness in job hunting. It is expected that our graduates will be qualified for management trainees, engineers, and managerial and leadership positions in high-tech firms, engineering or intelligent manufacturing companies.

Eligibility Criteria/Entrance Requirements

New Year 1 students:

With HKDSE qualifications:

  • HKDSE score ≥ 30 in 4 core and 2 elective subjects

With no HKDSE qualifications:

  • GCEAL ≥ 2A*+1A; or
  • IB Diploma score ≥ 40; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications; or
  • Awardee of the entrance scholarship

Existing Year 1 students:

  • Top 10% Year 1 students in each College/School

Curriculum Design and Integrated Learning

The Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree programme provides high-caliber students with the opportunities to expand their knowledge by taking master-level courses in their undergraduate studies. A maximum of 9 credit units of the bachelor’s degree can be earned from taking master-level courses, which will also be counted toward the master's degree.

Credit Units

Continuation and Exit Path

To continue in the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme, students are required to achieve a CGPA of 3.40 or above by the end of Semester B each year. Students who fail the CGPA requirement can continue to complete the regular BEng programme they enrolled in until graduation. Students can also withdraw from the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme at their discretion at any point and continue to complete the regular BEng programme.

Last modified on 27 November, 2023