Bachelor of Engineering in
Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (BENG ITME)
工學士 (智能製造工程學)

Admission Code:
JS1216 for JUPAS (HKDSE) applicants
1216 for Direct/non-JUPAS applicants
1706A for Advanced Standing I applicants

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Future Intelligent Engineering Entrepreneur 明日智能工程企業家

The Department of Systems Engineering (SYE) offers a single major, the BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering. This major aims to develop the abilities of our students in integrating intelligent manufacturing systems with:

  1. Industrial Internet of Things,
  2. Automation and Robotics,
  3. Management Analytics,
  4. Artificial Intelligence, and
  5. Industrial Big Data

As an outcome, our graduates will possess the practical skills in engineering sciences, design innovations, automation and data analytics, so that:

  1. Our graduates can apply these skills to improve and innovate various operations of modern manufacturing enterprises in the Industry 4.0 setting;
  2. Our graduates can also apply these skills to service industries and commercial enterprises, in automating their various business operations, to push for ever higher efficiency.

What You Will Be Studying

Our curriculum provides the students with systematic training in engineering sciences, design innovations, automation and data analytics, with a focus on intelligent manufacturing. Specifically:

  1. The General Education and College required courses equip students with the necessary background in English, basic sciences and computer programming.
  2. The major core courses are divided into three blocks, namely, the Core Technology Block, Integration Block and Application Block
    1. The Core Technology Block includes the scientific principles and applications in industrial engineering and management science, electronics and semiconductor, and advanced manufacturing technologies.
    2. The Integration Block emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge knowledge and applications, particularly in data analytics, intelligent manufacturing systems, automation and robotics, Internet-of-Things, and Industry 4.0.
    3. The Application Block provides practical opportunities and industrial experience to the students with the Engineering Workshop, Final-Year Project, Industrial Attachment and Internship.
  3. Our curriculum also offers elective courses for students with choices to broaden/deepen their knowledge in areas such as electronics, manufacturing technology, and industrial systems engineering.

Source: Hong Kong Productivity Council

Source: Department of Systems Engineering

1. Core Courses (66 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
ADSE2010 Fundamental Engineering Analysis and Design for Manufacturing Engineers I 3
ADSE2011 Fundamental Engineering Analysis and Design for Manufacturing Engineers II 3
ADSE2046 Numerical Computation for Manufacturing and Systems Engineerings 3
ADSE2339 Smart City - a Systems Engineering Perspective 3
MSE2102 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 3
ADSE2016 Manufacturing Engineering Workshop 0
ADSE2100 Engineering Statistics and Experimentation 3
MNE3046 Automation Technology 3
MNE3119 Manufacturing Technology 3
ADSE3003 Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Processes and Systems 3
ADSE3004 Production Planning and Control 3
ADSE3060 Operations Research 3
ADSE3102 Quality Engineering 3
MSE4171 Electronic Packaging and Materials 3
ADSE4001 Digital Manufacturing and Operations 3
ADSE4003 Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and Operations 3
ADSE4005 Industrial Data and Manufacturing Analytics 3
ADSE4006 Semiconductor Manufacturing and Process Control 3
ADSE4036 Manufacturing Systems Modelling and Optimization 3
ADSE4064 Reliability Engineering 3

Select ONE from the following:

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
ADSE4068 Final Year Project 6
ADSE4068C Final Year Project 6
ADSE4116 Capstone Project II 6

2. Electives (15 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
EE1002 Principles of Electrical Engineering 3
EE2005 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3
EE2000 Logic Circuit Design 3
MNE2109 Engineering Mechanics 3
SDSC2004 Data Visualization 3
EE3009 Data Communications and Networking 3
EE3315 Internet Technology 3
PHY3202 Modern Physics 3
ADSE3026 Contemporary Human Factors for Industry 4.0 3
ADSE3101 Basic Methodologies and Tools for Risk Engineering 3
ADSE3116 Capstone Project I 3
MNE4032 Robotics and Machine Vision 3
MNE4125 Principles and Transport Process Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacturing 3
MSE4127 Smart Sensors: From Engineering to Applications 3
MSE4175 Advanced Technology in Biomedical Devices 3
MSE4178 Nanostructures and Nanotechnology 3
PHY4265 Semiconductor Physics and Devices 3
ADSE4007 eLogistics and Supply Chain Management 3
ADSE4024 Project Management 3
ADSE4027 Occupational Safety for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 3
ADSE4035 Quality and Environmental System and Management 3
ADSE4047 Directed Studies 3
ADSE4103 Decision Analysis and Risk Management 3
ADSE4108 Product Development and Innovation 3

For Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programmes only
A maximum of 9 credit units of P5 and/or P6 courses can be used to fulfill the MSc degree requirements.

Course Code Course Title Credit Units
ADSE5009 Industrial Marketing Management for Engineers 3
ADSE5010 Engineering Management Principles and Concepts 3
ADSE6009 Project Management 3
ADSE6012 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3
ADSE6015 Supply Chain Management 3
ADSE6103 Financial Engineering for Engineering Managers 3
ADSE6106 Intelligent Manufacturing for Engineering Managers 3

3. Optional Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Units Remarks
FS2002 Industrial Attachment Scheme 3 Minimum 6 weeks
FS3002 Industrial Attachment Scheme 3 Minimum 6 weeks
FS4001 Co-operative Education Scheme (CES) 8 Internship (8 to 12 months)
FS4002 Industrial Attachment Scheme 3 Minimum 6 weeks

Undergraduate Degree Plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme

As part of the CityU Talents Programme, high-caliber BEng in Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering students can opt for the “Undergraduate Degree Plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme” route to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree upon graduation. Click here to find out more details about this exciting opportunity!

Career Placements

Our graduates have a board range of career opportunities in industrial, services oriented and business enterprises. There is a strong demand for intelligent manufacturing related posts in the industry.

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Professional Recognition

This programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).

Major Leader

Professor Andy H.F. CHOW

Major Structure / Major Requirements

Normative 4-year Degree

Student Handbook and Model Study Path


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