COVID-19 cases is on the increase in HK, so before confirming your flight to HK, make sure you’ll have:

  1. checked the latest Announcement of HKSAR (CHP) including its latest Regulations/measures on inbound travelers;
  2. conducted nucleic acid test for COVID-19 before boarding - Specified conditions imposed on inbound travellers who have visited specified high risk places (Cap.599H);
  3. observed Health Quarantine Arrangement on Inbound Travellers and Restrictions on Entering Hong Kong;
  4. assessed the risk level of the accommodation and its preventive measures on COVID-19 provided by the prospective landlord/service provider

Always maintain good personal hygiene, good environmental hygiene and healthy lifestyle. Together, we fight the virus!

Off-campus Accommodation (OCA)

Off-campus Accommodation (OCA)

To address the housing needs of students coming to study at CityU, anticipate the growing numbers of student and the demand of off-campus housing by the non-local students of their senior years, Student Residence Office provides advice and support to students on searching off-campus lodging.


University-reserved Off-campus Accommodation Scheme 2020/21

(For OCA Scheme 2021/22, details and information will be updated later on)

It aims to reserve a certain number of bed places in an appropriate site for Full-time government-funded Bachelor’s degree students with housing needs and to build an off-campus community.

  • Eligibility: Full-time government-funded Bachelor degree students (priority will be given to Non-local students of 3rd year study or above)

  • Application Period: Closed ​

    Scheme details and submit application

Short Term Accommodation

A variety of short stay accommodation options are available in Hong Kong. The best option depends on what you’re looking for.

HotelTwin bedroom setting in general; should have a roommate to share the cost
HostelBunk beds within shared rooms, shared bathrooms and communal spaces
Co-living spacesBoth private and shared rooms, will share common areas like cooking and living spaces
Serviced apartment / private housing:Flexible short-term and long-term rental

Current and prospective CityU students can click this link for different options (some offer special rate to students)


This is a service provided by the Student Residence Office (SRO) of the City University of Hong Kong for the purpose of information giving only. The SRO has no involvement or responsibility in any dealings between the student/staff as tenants and the service providers/landlords/real estate agents. Any matter related to leasing is between the information seeker and the information provider and the university does not have any involvement in the dealings. The City University of Hong Kong shall not be responsible or liable for any information which is made available through this service.