Major Allocation (for 2023-2024 intake)

The top 40% of students in the department who meet the University & College specified requirements will have a free choice of majors offered by their home department according to the following criteria:

  • Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of Semester B;
  • No failed grades in any courses in Semesters A and B;
  • Completion of at least 30 credit units in Semesters A and B, including the number of credit units specified by the College / respective Home Academic Unit *.
Courses Specified by College Courses Required by Department
College-specified GE Courses
  • MA1200 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra I/MA1300 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra I
  • MA1201 Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra II/ MA1301 Enhanced Calculus and Linear Algebra II
  • MNE2066 Engineers in Society
College Requirement
  • PHY1101 Introductory Classical Mechanics
  • CS1302 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • PHY1202 General Physics II
  • MNE2116 Engineering Graphics

* Credits earned from “LC0200A/B English for Academic Purposes 1 or 2” and “CHIN1001 University Chinese I” taken in Semesters A and B 2023/24 will be counted towards the 30 credit unit requirement. However, grades obtained from the above two courses will not be included in the GPA calculation.

For the remaining 60% of students, on the condition that they have completed all the required courses in the above table, their selection of major will be prioritized according to:

  1. CGPA
  2. Student’s choice of major

Major Options 

Major Major Leader
Aerospace Engineering (A.E.) Prof. YANG, Yong
Mechanical Engineering (M.E.) Prof. ZHANG, Kaili
Nuclear and Risk Engineering (NRE) Prof. HU, Alice

[Important] Students who failed to indicate their choice of majors by the specified deadline will be excluded from the majors allocation exercise. After the completion of the majors allocation excise in mid-June 2024, they will be allocated a major with available quota. 

Please observe the timeline as announced by  ARRO.

And refer to ARRO’s website for more details regarding major allocation.


Last modified on 31 Jan, 2024