Minor in Product Development


Any product, be it hardware, software, or service, requires good planning and development strategies to make it successful in the marketplace. Technical inputs have to be balanced with commercial aspects through good managerial practices so that the developed products deliver the best value to all those who are concerned with them. While Hong Kong companies move from OEM (original equipment manufacturing) to ODM (original design and manufacturing), their ability to develop products from the conception stage to full development is more critical than before for their continued success in the era of globalization. In particular, with most of the common manufacturing operations moved to the mainland, Hong Kong graduates would be expected to get increasingly involved in the product design stage and planning its full development rather than be experts in manufacturing operations alone. Therefore, it will be necessary for future graduates to have sufficient knowledge and skills to engage in product development and related management activities.

Aims of Minor

The main aim of this minor is to develop adequate academic knowledge and skills in a number of subject areas that are necessary for graduates to be able to effectively work as a member of teams involved in the design and development of commonly used products.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

A number of MINILOs listed below will be accomplished with the courses included in this minor. Based on the actual combination of the courses taken, graduates will have attained some of these:

  • Gain sufficient knowledge and skills in common technologies involved in the manufacturing of discrete components used in several commonly used products;
  • Identify aspects that lead to the design of products that offer not only functionality but also industrial and ergonomic aspects to benefit customers;
  • Effectively implement computer applications in several stages of design and development of products
  • Able to design and implement quality systems that will ensure the development of better, reliable, and consistent quality products; and
  • Effectively manage product development projects and technology innovation activities.

Minor Requirement (15 credit units)

  1. At least 15 credit units must be taken from the courses shown in the following table.
  2. Students should take three required courses MNE2116, MNE2109 and MNE2110 in addition to the course requirement mentioned in (1)*.
  3. A grade point of 1.7 or above for each of the courses is required for the award.
  4. A student who intends to take the minor should seek approval from his / her home academic unit and the minor-offering academic unit.

(Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalogue for the course syllabuses.)

Course Code Course Title Credits Remarks#
MNE2029 Electrical and Electronic Principles I 3 -
MNE2109 Engineering Mechanics 3 Required course for non-MNE students **
MNE2110 Engineering Materials 3 Required course for non-MNE students *
MNE2116 Engineering Graphics 0 Required course for non-MNE students *
MNE3007 CAD/CAM 3 -
MNE3010 Mechanical Design 3 -
MNE3063 Materials Analysis for Product Quality 3 -
MNE3115 Micoelectromechanical Systems 3 -
MNE3119 Manufacturing Technology 3 -
MNE4005 Finite Element Analysis 3 -

* Students who have successfully completed the courses or similar courses at B2 level or above towards their Major may get exemption from the requirement.

**MNE2109 is exempted for students from BEng in Architectural Engineering, BEng in Architectural Studies, and BEng in Surveying.

#Students who have successfully completed the courses or similar courses at B2 level or above towards their Major cannot use them to satisfy the requirement of this minor.

Additional Information

This minor cannot be taken by students of BEng in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear and Risk Engineering.

To be eligible, applicants must have completed at least one semester of study in CityU, gained 15 CUs and achieved a CGPA of 3.0 or above.


Students are required to submit their declaration of minor request through AIMS under Course Registration. Information on the key dates, process and steps for the Declaration of Minors are available on the website of the Academic Regulations and Records Office.

Last modified on 12 JUL, 2024