Vision and Mission


To be the best to educate the best


We aim to provide world-class education within the scope of the department to produce innovators and leaders to meet the needs of current and future industries.

We strive to establish world-class research facilities and develop technical expertise in key research-focused areas to build up our academic leadership.

The Core Values to accompany our strategic vision

We believe in the following values in guiding our decision-making and to lead us to the future:

  1. Teaching from strength: there should be a strong coupling between research and teaching so that the students will receive a world-class education.
  2. Teaching is a privilege: students and parents placed their trust in our hands, and we will honor the trust.
  3. Research excellence: we shall continue to build intellectual capital and academic credentials to foster creativity and innovation to benefit our students as well as to serve the community.
  4. Training of the mind: we will strive to transform the way students think, and thought patterns, and let them become independent and innovative thinkers through classes, research, and practice.
  5. Balancing the academic and practical tracks: we shall provide a choice between the academic track and practical track, professional paths tailored to the talent of the students.