CityU President Met Student Representatives

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Professor Way Kuo, President of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), and senior staff met student representatives in the afternoon of 1 August 2019 to exchange views genuinely on the recent social turmoil and conflicts. It was a calm discussion and students hoped that Presidents of the eight universities release a related joint statement.

Professor Kuo pointed out that CityU focuses on academic and research excellence for the betterment of society. The University often makes appeals to and shares views with the government on different matters, hoping that the officials can think out of the box and communicate sincerely and objectively with the community on all aspects such as education, innovation and technology, and social issues. In a modern society, education should be free from politics so as to alleviate the escalation of anxiety and avoid the divisive society caused by chaos.

CityU places emphasis on university autonomy and encourages peaceful and rational discussions. CityU condemns all forms of violence. Further to the release of the 15 June 2019 University Announcement, the University would like the government to respond to social demands in the best interest of Hong Kong and to ensure student and public safety. CityU students can contact Professor Eric Chui, Dean of Students, whenever necessary.

After the meeting, Professor Kuo presented to the Acting SU President, Aaron Wong, a copy of his book entitled Soulware of Higher Education for his reference and appreciation of issues from the “heart”.

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