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Breakthrough technology indicates earlier detection for Alzheimer’s disease
A research team co-led by a scientist at CityU has discovered a new, non-invasive way to detect early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, helping patients get the necessary treatments around 10 years before any symptoms appear.
New ventilation system helps protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 infection
Professor John Lin from the Division of Building Science and Technology has invented a stratum ventilation system that provides fresh air for healthcare staff inside a ward.
Medical representatives from the government, Legco and academia, gathered May 22 to discuss the need for the establishment of a regional disease surveillance centre in the territory to tackle the spread of infectious disease. The forum, "Lifting Hong Kong's Regional Status: The Establishment of a Regional Disease Surveillance Centre," was organized by CityU's APEC Study Centre.
Kudos go to researchers in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry (BCH), Computer Engineering and Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM), Information Systems (IS) and Building and Construction (BC) and the Division of Commerce (CM) who have been awarded external grants worth totaling 13.8 million for various research projects/ proposals on drug development, smart-card technology, SME competitiveness, and building and construction, respectively.

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