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At a tour of CityU on 29 May, Hong Kong's top education officials said they were "very impressed" with the University's facilities and developments, particularly the Wireless Communication Laboratory, School of Creative Media, Chinese Civilisation Centre and Plasma Laboratory.
CityU has added yet another university, Concordia University of Montreal, Canada, to the list of educational institutions with which it has signed exchange agreements.
In an effort to strengthen academic ties with CityU, a delegation of scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Professor Lu Yongxiang, the President, visited CityU on May 22.
Mrs Diana Ying, Associate Vice-President for Institutional Advancement, treated principals and career masters from seven secondary schools to an exclusive campus tour on 14 May as CityU once again extended a warm welcome to the Hong Kong educational community.
More than 160 Form 6 students and their teachers from 22 Hong Kong secondary schools had their interest in social studies aroused by lectures over the past couple of months organized by the Department of Applied Social Studies.
In an agreement aimed at promoting academic exchange and research activities, CityU's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHS), signed a memorandum of co-operation with the School of International Studies (SIS), Peking University, on 2 May. The agreement comprises terms on exchange of academics and research personnel, sharing of joint research results, and the financial responsibility involved. The memorandum will be valid for three years.
The Secretary-General of the University Grants Committee (UGC), Mr Peter Cheung, delivered a talk on higher education review at a CityU Council Luncheon on 15 April. "Given today's financial situation and the need to keep Hong Kong internationally competitive, the status quo has to be changed," he said, in his explanation of the rationale behind the Sutherland Report on Higher Education in Hong Kong , commissioned by the UGC.
The reform of Hong Kong's higher education sector has been a widely discussed topic in recent months. In March, Professor Stewart Sutherland, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, produced the report commissioned by the University Grants Committee (UGC). The document serves as a blueprint for the future of higher education in Hong Kong.
In the second exercise of the Reward Schemes, CityU's President Professor H K Chang announced the results for academic departments and non-academic units on 24 April. The Reward Scheme for academic departments aims to maximise students" learning, while that for non-academic units links incentives with accountability and effectiveness.
CityU staff based in Festival Walk will soon have a new communication tool on their desks: an IP phone handset. In a pilot scheme scheduled to be implemented in August or September, 300 staff members will try out the new technology before the digital system is installed on the main campus.

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