Teaching Excellence Awards 2002

Michael Woloschuk

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CityU has announced the winners of this year's Teaching Excellence Award, which rewards University teachers who demonstrate outstanding skills in a variety of teaching-related areas.

At this year's congregation ceremonies, Dr Alice Y W Chan, Dr Tony H J Shieh, Dr Rita Takahashi, Mr Alex K S Tham, and Dr Alan K H Yeung will be honoured for the their distinguished teaching abilities. Normally, up to five awards are presented each year. All award winners have their names added to a permanently displayed register, in recognition of their excellent teaching.

Dr Chan, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Communication, is interested in theoretical linguistics, such as English phonetics and phonology, functional grammar, descriptive and generative syntax and contrastive linguistics.

Dr Shieh, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accountancy, received his MBA and PhD from New York University and is interested in international and financial accounting.

Dr Takahashi, a Senior Lecturer in the College of Higher Vocational Studies' Division of Language Studies, received her PhD from the University of Hong Kong and teaches Japanese.

Mr Tham, an Instructor in the Department of Marketing, has conducted many marketing consultancy projects for firms such as Hong Kong Red Cross, Hong Yip Property Management Ltd., Pacific Link Communications Ltd., Harbour City Communications Ltd.

Dr Yeung, an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, is also active in providing consultancy services to local industry in the areas of computer networking and communication systems. His clients include City Telecom (HK) Limited, Truly GSM Technologies Ltd., Modern Terminal Ltd., IVRS, Mass Transit Railway Corp.

Since 1994, the University has sponsored excellence in teaching by recognizing and rewarding distinguished teachers with the Teaching Excellence Award. In determining excellence, the Selection Panel identifies outstanding teachers who are able to show, over a sustained period of time, evidence of their performance under the following criteria: a high level of competency in the skills necessary to motivate and assist student learning; a constructive contribution to the University's teaching culture; the ability to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the subject area; and demonstrate an interest in the improvement of teaching and the development of teaching innovations. 


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