We're the Champions!

Vonnie Law, Rupee Lee and Phyllis Mark

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Thanks to the hard work of its athletes, the dedication of its coaches, and the support of staff and students, CityU's sports teams seized top spot among Hong Kong's 11 tertiary institutions at the Hong Kong Post-Secondary Colleges Athletics Association (HKPSCAA) competition this year.



CityU's men's teams took first place in three events, and finished a respectable second in four events, while our women's teams took top honours in four events, finishing second in one event. This is the second time CityU has won the HKPSCAA championship. The University won the overall honours in 1996/97.

This year, the men's teams finished first in athletics, badminton and basketball, while the women's teams scored firsts in badminton, squash, table tennis and volleyball. The championships were won through hard work and determination.



"Non-stop practise was very important for us, because it increased our confidence," said Yeung Ching, captain of CityU's women's badminton team. Mr Sunny Chau, coach of both male and female badminton teams, agreed: "We always arrive at the venue one-and-a-half hours before a competition so that we can be well prepared and have good mental control."



The victories by CityU's teams were also the result of never-say-die attitude. Nowhere was this more evident than in the play of the men's basketball team, which suffered a 17-point deficit in the first half of the final game, but came from behind to win the match by a score of 88-81.



"Although our team was far behind, we never thought of giving up the game," said CityU's men's basketball team coach Mr Raymond Sum. This determined spirit is fostered by the University, explained one of the men's basketball team players. And for this reason, the championship belongs to the University as a whole.



"The University not only provides us with excellent facilities, but more importantly, with support from the heart. It is our honour to represent CityU on the basketball court," said Wu Guo-fung, a guard with the men's basketball team.



Indeed, to help strengthen its sports foundation, the University has done much to recruit both internal and external athletes. "Our University places great emphasis on sports," said Mr Matthew Yip, coach of CityU's male athletics and squash teams." It provides us with great resources and training facilities. And we're always on the lookout for athletes who also possess the right academic requirements."



To help them succeed, CityU's athletics teams often organize gatherings and training camps, which help individual athletes develop their skills. And these get-togethers also build team spirit, which results in better performance.



The female volleyball team, for example, won the HKPSCAA at least in part because of their strong team spirit, which produces enhanced communication between the coach and team members.



Of course, no one can ensure complete success. But even in losing, CityU's athletes-because they play with such devotion in their events-are always champions.



"We try our best in every competition and never give up," said Mrs Dorothy Davies, Head of CityU's Physical Education Section. "This spirit is represented by our mott Be the best that we can be."



On 12 April, CityU hosted a sports awards banquet, where trophies, plaques, and cheques were presented to the University's champion athletes. Among those who participated in the ceremony were Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President (Education), Mr James Ng, Vice-Preisdent (Business and Finance) and Mrs Esther Yu, Director of Student Development Services.

HKPSCAA Competition Results:



Athletics, Badminton, Basketball: Champions. Squash, Table Tennis, Cross-country: First runner-up



Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Volleyball: Champions. Swimming: First runner-up



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