DegreeWorks is a web-based degree audit and academic advising tool. It matches your academic record against the curriculum requirements and helps you learn easily what courses you still need to take to fulfill the requirements of College/School, Gateway Education (GE), major, minor, etc. It also provides features that help you plan your studies and communicate with your advisors.

Getting Started

To access DegreeWorks, please:

  1. Log onto AIMS from CityU homepage.
  2. Click "Study Plan" tab.
  3. Click "DegreeWorks" and you will then see your DegreeWorks Advising Worksheet.
Reading the Advising Worksheet

Advising Worksheet is the default view when you log onto DegreeWorks from AIMS.

  • Your basic information is at the top of the worksheet.
  • Courses that are used or still needed to study will be listed against the requirements in the middle of the worksheet.
  • Advising notes from your advisor can be found at the bottom of the worksheet.

(Note: You can hover the image to zoom-in & move the mouse around to pan it.)

An abridged version "Registration Checklist" which only displays courses and requirements you still need to complete is also available for your reference.

(Note: You can hover the image to zoom-in & move the mouse around to pan it.)
Registration Checklist

Planning for Studies

DegreeWorks provides various features that help you plan your studies:

  1. What IfWhat If" allows you to hypothetically add/change the major, minor or stream. The audit report will show the new degree requirements, the courses taken that are applied to the new degree requirements and the courses that are still needed. It is a useful reference tool if you wish to declare or change your major, minor or stream.

    movie [Run What If Audit]

  2. What If"Look Ahead" allows you to check how the courses you plan to take can be applied to the current degree requirements.

    movie [Run Look Ahead Audit]



  3. Plans"Plans" allows you to create a study plan for mapping out your academic journey against the degree requirement. It helps you to stay on track for graduation. The planned courses will also be validated against the tentative course offerings, and can help academic units to better estimate the demand of courses in future.

    movie [Create Study Plan]
  4. GPA Calculator"Term Calculators" and "Advice Calculators" help you to access what grades you need to attain to reach the targeted GPA and to set a realistic academic goal.

    pdf [User Manual of GPA Calculators]