AIS is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in the Year 2017
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AIS Recent Achievements
Dr Justin ROBERTSON received the GCSO (Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes) Grant Award for the project entitled “Asian Sustainability Case Study Challenge”.
21 March 2019
Dr Linda TJIA received a research grant from The Sumitomo Foundation for the project entitled "The impact of innovative mercantilism on Japan's high-speed rail development".
12 March 2019
Mr Christoph Andreas NEUSIEDL, AIS PhD candidate, received the University's Outstanding Teaching Awards for Teaching Assistants. in recognition of his outstanding performance in teaching.
6 September 2018
Dr Melody CHONG won the Sage Publishers Award for Best Paper in Leadership.
17 August 2018
Prof Daniel LYNCH received a General Research Fund (GRF) grant and Dr Stephan ORTMANN received a Early Career Scheme (ECS) grant in June 2018.
3 July 2018
Dr CHAN Yuk Wah received the 2018 GCSO (Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes) Grant Award for the project entitled “Transferring and Scaling Sustainable Local Food Economy Solutions”.
20 June 2018
For the last two years, AIS has made five successful HKPFS offers to students from around the world, making the department the most successful in CLASS for attracting the very best PhD students.
7 May 2018
Mr Martin KOSSA and Ms Yvette TO, AIS PhD candidates, won the AIS Best Paper Award for Research Students 2017-18.
25 April 2018
Dr CHAN Yuk Wah, Associate Professor (AIS), received the UGC Knowledge Transfer Earmarked Fund for the project entitled "Empowering the Nepalese Youth in HK through Engaged Anthropology and Ethnography-writing".
25 April 2018

Past Events

Title Date & Time
23 Mar 2019 (Sat)
10:00am - 12:45pm
Speaker(s):Mr. Benjamin Chan, Hong Kong's youngest to climb Mount Everest; Mr. Ryan Ryle, Intrepid adventure by foot and motorcycle; Ms. Debra Tan, First hand expert on declining glaciers in Asia


21 Mar 2019 (Thu)
06:30 - 08:00pm
19 Mar 2019 (Tue)
12:00noon - 01:00pm
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