What Is Asian and International Studies?

The Department of Asian and International Studies is a new social sciences department which brings together two successful programmes of teaching and research – the Bachelors degree in East and Southeast Asian Studies, and the university's Southeast Asia Research Centre – combined with a new undergraduate self-financed Bachelors degree programme in International Studies, and a new Masters programme in Development Studies.

Scholars, researchers, and students in this new department will join in explorations of contemporary societies in Asia, the ways in which they influence each other, and the international forces and trends which affect all of us. The teaching includes studies of globalization, social and political trends, economic and social development and related problems, and international exchanges of knowledge, policies, practices, and popular culture. The core disciplines of the new department are sociology, anthropology, and political science.

Our Programmes:

(1) Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in East and Southeast Asian Studies (BSS ESAS) (full-time, UGC funded). The BSS ESAS has been operating successfully since 1995, and is continually updated to reflect new developments and new research in the region.

(2) Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in International Studies (BSS IS) (full-time and part-time, self-financed, two year top-up degree). The BSSIS is a new programme, commencing in the Fall of 2006, which will provide an opportunity for graduates from higher diploma/associate degree programmes to pursue further studies for a Bachelors degree in International Studies.
** $10,000 scholarships available for the top six applicants ** 

(3) Masters in Development Studies: A new programme, commencing in the Fall, 2006, for practitioners,educators, staff in NGOs, media, and government, and persons working for large international organizations which operate in Asian societies, or which deal with Asian development issues. Admissions Information

(4) Research degree studies (MPhil, PhD): individual supervision for studies of social, cultural, and political developments in Hong Kong, China, and the region, with a focus on policy-oriented research.

Southeast Asia Research Centre

The Department will provide an excellent home for CityU's Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC). SEARC was inaugurated in February 2001 under founding Director Professor Kevin Hewison, who led the Centre until his departure for the University of North Carolina in December 2004. SEARC has already established an international reputation for applied studies of contemporary Southeast Asia . Scholars affliated with the Centre also teach in the BSS East and Southeast Asian Studies programme, the BSS International Studies, and the MSS Development Studies, and publish internationally on applied and policy-oriented research on Southeast Asian societies.