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Professional Internship aims to provide students with opportunities to put their knowledge and skills into practice and to gain on-the-job experience in an internship. Students will learn work skills, work ethics and inter-personal dynamics in work settings and gain practical understanding of the operations of the work unit or organization they serve. It also equips students with good attitude, skills and knowledge for future job-seeking and career development. It provides internship training workshops and work experiences in various work sectors (including government office, NGOs, political parties, private companies and media). Through working in organizations in Hong Kong and overseas that have Asian or International perspectives, students are able to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills in real-life situations. The course will improve their communication skills, foster team-work spirits and enhance their understanding of the key components of a successful career.

Period and Duration

One semester, students will participate in an internship of not less than 150 hours (8-10 weeks) in an organization.


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Coordinators: Dr. Linda Tjia and Dr. Dongshu Liu