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Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Policy and Bachelor of Laws (DBSSLLB)

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Brief Description

There is a legal dimension in the study of public policy. Public policy involves the legal authority to claim the right and the power to implement policy decisions. It also involves considerations and limitations as constrained by existing laws and constitution.

The legal rights of citizens are also taken into consideration when making and implementing public policies.

The Public Policy Programme consists of two streams - “Public Policy and Management” and “Political Science and Governance”. Students in the Public Policy and Management Stream can follow a study plan which would enable them to register as a licensed Property manager.

Aims of the Programme

In terms of its Public Policy component the programme aims to:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive education in the common core theories, concepts, and knowledge bases of public policy, public management, and political science;
  • Enable students to specialize in public policy, public management, or political science for gaining an understanding of the essential theories, principles, dynamics, and analytic approaches of these bodies of knowledge;
  • Equip students with the theoretical, conceptual, and analytical tools to understand comprehensively public policy, public management, and political developments in Hong Kong, China, and the contemporary global world;
  • Produce graduates who can meet effectively the human resources needs of a wide range of public and private sector employers in administrative, management, and policy and political analysis positions, as well as in the media and non-governmental organizations.

In terms of its Law component the programme aims to:

  • Provide a liberal education in the theory and practice of law at the level and rigour appropriate for an undergraduate degree;
  • Equip students with a critical understanding of law and legal institutions so as to enable them to serve the needs of Hong Kong and the international community; and
  • Facilitate the development of a range of intellectual skills, in particular the ability to think analytically and critically, to solve problems, and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

The programme also aims in enabling students to develop interdisciplinary approaches to issues of law and public policy.

Curriculum Information of the programme

Information for Current Students

Information for Current Students (sign in required)

Further Information & Contacts

Major Leader: Professor Ngai-ming YIP
Associate Major Leader: Dr Edmund CHENG
Admissions Officer: Dr Nick OR

For further information of the programme, please refer to our pamphlet.


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