The Department of Public and International Affairs  The Department of Public and International Affairs

Selected Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) Recipients

LI Jiaying Ms. LI Jiaying
I am delighted to become a member of the Department of Public and International Affairs. Both faculty members and administrative staff are so supportive that I can quickly adapt to the Ph.D. life at City University. It is also valuable for me to work with fellow students from totally different backgrounds. All these experiences inspire my confidence in academic research.
Fellowship year: 2022-2026
Calvin Mr.  CALVIN
I am deeply grateful and honored to learn of my selection for the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme 2021/2022. I also thank the Faculty members and staff for their enormous help and encouragement in nominating me for this competitive scholarship. I received the award notification shortly just as I was wondering how I would accommodate my study at the City University of Hong Kong. HKPFS arrived exactly when I needed it most. HKPFS provides tremendous endorsement and a valuable gift in my academic journey, particularly in understanding Asia-Pacific with related experts. Due to HKPFS's generosity, I have been better motivated to reach my goal of pursuing my Ph.D. study at the City University of Hong Kong.
Fellowship Year 2021-2025
LEE Suk Hee Mr. LEE Suk Hee
I really appreciate that faculty members and staff are so supportive that I can focus on my research. It has been an invaluable experience for me to engage with students from diverse backgrounds during the extensive coursework and beyond. Last but not least, I'm very grateful to my supervisor for his kind and constructive advice all the time.
Fellowship year: 2021-2025
LIU Xuejun Ms. LIU Xuejun
I really do appreciate the financial support and cherish the study and research experience at CityU. The Department engages each research student in an energetic and inclusive academic environment by offering various courses, seminars and workshops. Academic members from diverse backgrounds have characterized PIA as a multi-disciplined and international place where I am able to get professional and supportive advice from different perspectives. The administrative staff are always kind and promptly respond to any inquiry.
Fellowship Year 2021-2025
 LOPES KOTZ Ricardo Mr. LOPES KOTZ Ricardo
Studying at City University has been an enriching experience as I gained not only academic knowledge about different fields, but also met students from different parts of Asia, expanding my views about the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity and also for the HKPFS financial support, which validates my professional trajectory and career objectives. I believe these experiences will allow me to become a productive researcher and also a professor in the near future.
Fellowship Period: 2021-2025
 EUDON Tshering Ms. EUDON Tshering
I could not be more fortunate to be one of the HKPFS recipients. Besides a generous financial support, the program gives an opportunity to fully focus on research without any financial stress - the problem many PhD students elsewhere have to go through. The fellowship presents me an enabling environment in my journey to one day be "sharing knowledge and transforming the world". This rare privilege to be a HKPFS scholar validates the role a university plays in one's life and learning. To be a part of one of the best universities -CityU- is a pride that HKPFS gives me.
Fellowship year: 2020-2024
MUMTAZ Kashif Mr. MUMTAZ Kashif
It has been a highly rewarding experience to be at City University as an HKPFS awardee. This generous Fellowship is nothing less than a blessing as it allows me to exclusively focus on my studies without having to bother about my finances. The department’s management is exceptionally supportive, which makes things even easier. As my stay at City University has coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, this support system was particularly valuable given the various challenges that the pandemic situation had created for students. My supervisor has also been very accommodating. 
Fellowship year: 2020-2024
QUINTOS Paul Lagoy Mr. QUINTOS Paul Lagoy
As a PhD student in the Department of Public and International Affairs, I have learned greatly from the coursework and mentorship of distinguished faculty from eminent universities trained in different disciplines. I have also benefited from my interactions with fellow graduate students from different cultural and academic backgrounds. At the same time, I am grateful for the generous financial award provided by the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme as it mitigates the burden of supporting myself as well as my family while focusing fully on my research. I am confident that my education at the City University of Hong Kong will prepare me to make valuable contributions to scholarship and teaching in the future. 
Fellowship year: 2020-2024
Ms. Ahyoung LEE Ms. Ahyoung LEE

It has been such a valuable experience for me to have a chance to study at the Department of Public Policy. Extensive coursework and various extracurricular activities have offered me positive encouragement. Faculty members and administrative staff are extremely supportive and try their best to make the most of my time at City University.
Fellowship Year 2020-2024
Mr. Maximilian Johan NILSSON-LADNER Mr. Maximilian Johan NILSSON-LADNER

I'm very grateful for the financial support I have received to undertake my scholarly training at City University. In addition to relieving me of the stresses of the financial burden of living in Hong Kong, and thus allowing me to focus fully focus on my research - it is also a great personal vindication of my academic accomplishments thus far. I feel that my study at City University will equip me well to make valuable contributions to scholarship.

Fellowship Year 2020-2024