Student Ambassadors

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The SEE Student Ambassadors Programme has been launched by the SEE since summer 2016. A distinguished group of SEE non-final year students will be selected to attend a series of training workshops and activities on personal and professional developments in sustainability, energy and environment and to serve as ambassadors of the School in various outreach events.


To enable the ambassadors to:

  • develop transferable skills such as communication, leadership, interpersonal and organization skills
  • enhance their knowledge and expand their network in local, regional and global development of sustainability, energy and environment
  • enhance their sense of belongings to SEE and CityU
  • promote programmes and activities of SEE effectively


  • To represent and promote SEE to the public
  • To assist as student representatives in SEE activities, including but not limited to Dialogue with Professionals, School Orientation, Information Day, JUPAS admission interview, high school talks and visits
  • To serve as mentors of new SEE students and facilitate them in adapting to SEE programmes and university life