Smart and Healthy Cities


The successful creation of smart and healthy cities requires the application of scientific knowledge and innovative technologies, facilitated by policy and delivered by business and industry.  Research at the School of Energy and Environment takes a systems approach to develop innovative science and engineering solutions and to provide empirically based evidence and insight from the evaluation of these solutions to understand how they can be successfully applied to our cities. The research engages with stakeholders in industry, and government seeking to inform and critique policy and practice in the area of air and water pollution, food waste, energy efficiency and low carbon smart and healthy cities.

Key Research Areas:

  1. Energy-efficient Buildings (Michael K. H. LEUNGEdwin C. Y. TSOWei WU)
  2. Healthy Built Environment (Patrick LEEWanxin LIEdwin C. Y. TSO)
  3. Smart Transportations (Shauhrat CHOPRAChunhua LIU)
  4. Assessment and Policies of Sustainable Development (Shauhrat CHOPRAWanxin LILin ZHANG)

Our Centres and Laboratories: