Prof. JING, Xingjian


  • Ph.D., The University of Sheffield
  • Ph.D., Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • B.S., Zhejiang University
(+852) 3442-9554
Research Interests
  • Nonlinear Vibration and Control
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
  • Robotics and Control
  • Nonlinear Systems: Analysis, Design, and Identification
  • Bio-inspired Approach

Prof. JING received his B.S. degree from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, M.S. degree and PhD degree in Robotics from Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China, respectively. Thereafter, he received a PhD degree in nonlinear systems and signal processing from the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K. His current research interests are generally related to Nonlinear Dynamics, Vibration, and Control focusing on theory and methods for employing nonlinear benefits in engineering, including nonlinear frequency domain methods, nonlinear system identification or signal processing, vibration control, robust control, sensor technology, energy harvesting, nonlinear fault diagnosis or information processing, bio-inspired systems and methods, bio-inspired robotics and control etc.

Professional Experience
  • Dec 2021 - Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
  • Jul 2015 - Dec 2021 Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Nov 2009 - Jun 2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Aug 2008 - Nov 2009, Research Fellow, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton.
Honors and Awards
  • 2019 The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2019
  • 2017 The 1st Prize Award Winner for Construction Safety in the Hong Kong CIC Construction Innovation Award
  • 2017 EASD Senior Research Prize in Europe
  • 2017 US TechConnect Innovation Award
  • 2016 IEEE SMC Andrew P. Sage Best Transactions Paper Award
  • 2005-2008 EPSRC-Hutchison Whampoa Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award
  • 2005 Outstanding Paper Award in Science and Tech Association of Liaoning Province
  • 2004 Outstanding CAS President Award
  • 2001 "Liu Yong Ling" Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Book Publications
  • Jing, X.J., Ding H. & Wang JQ, Advances in Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, Vibration and Control 2021, Springer, 2021
  • Jing, X. J., & Vakakis, A. F. (Special Issue). Exploring nonlinear benefits in engineering. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 125:1-3, 15, June 2019,
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  • Xingjian Jing (Editor and Chapter 10), Mobile Robots Motion Planning---New Challenges, In-Tech, Vienna, Austria, ISBN: 978-953-7619-01-5, 2008, (downloaded 5345 times by Feb 2013)
  • 2024-, Topic Associate Editor of Nonlinear Dynamics
  • 2022-, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Systems Man Cybernetics-Systems
  • 2021-, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 2021-, Specialty Chief Editor on Vibration Systems of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2016-, Associate Editor of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
  • 2015-2020, Technical Editor of IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics