Membership Categories

CityU welcomes individuals, corporations and foundations to make donations and join the CityU Foundation. Donations made to CityU will be counted towards the CityU Foundation membership. Membership is for life and cash donations are cumulative. When a member’s cumulative donation reaches a predetermined amount, the membership will be upgraded.

CityU cherishes your staunch support which will definitely make a difference to the future of our students, the University and society.

Membership Category
Donation Amount
Honorary Patron
HK$10,000,000 or above
Honorary President
HK $5,000,000 or above
Honorary Vice-President
HK $1,000,000 or above
Honorary Director
HK $500,000 or above
Principal Member
HK $200,000 or above
Senior Member
HK $100,000 or above
Ordinary Member
HK $50,000 or above