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Frequently Asked Questions for Changing Local Administrator Password

  1. What is a local administrator?

    Many users do not know a local administrator account in their computers running Windows operating systems. In fact, during system installation, a local administrator account will be created to facilitate initial system settings. This kind of account can have different name but they will carry the “super user” privilege and has full control of the computer.

  2. Why we need to change the local administrator password?

    Although users can disable the administrator account, users keeping this account can prevent the situation in which other account logins failed (e.g. the domain account login does not function), then login using this account becomes a last resource to enter the system again. Keeping this account active, however, users need to create its password and change it from time to time. If your system is installed by Computing Services Centre (CSC), your will be reminded to do this.

  3. Should one local administrator password set to all different computers?

    A lot of departmental administrators have to manage a large number of computers and the local administrator passwords. For the sake of convenience, some of these departmental administrators like to set same username and password for all computers under their management. However, this will result in a high security risk. When one computer gets compromised by a hacker, the password can be hashed and used to login other computers if an account with username/password is found in these computers. So, it is a MUST for these departmental administrators to set different passwords for different computers.

  4. How can we change the password of the local administrator password in Windows 7?

    First click the Start” button on the lower left hand corner of the Windows 7 desktop and then move the cursor to “Computer” and then right click on it

Then click on the “Manage” button

Select Computer Management

The “Computer Management” windows will pop up

Click on the “Local Users and Groups” and then click the “Users”

Computer Management Window

Click on the "WIN7 Local Administrator Account" and then click the "Set Password..."

Select Set Password Option

And then click “Proceed”

Confirm and Proceed the Setting Up of Password

Enter the password and then click “OK” to finish

Set Password Window