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Colloquium: China and Hong Kong Climate and Energy Challenges
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EurIng. Henry K. H. Wang
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John Chan Lecture Theatre (LT11), Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Language: English

* Light Refreshments will be served starting from 5:30pm


The speech will highlight the major Climate and Energy challenges facing China and Hong Kong. It will also review the various key climate, energy and clean energy transformation actions being undertaken and planned. These are based on the author's 3 published books and his two new books plus his recent paper to the House of Lords Energy Panel.

About the Speaker

EurIng. Henry K. H. Wang is an international adviser, author & speaker with extensive high level business experience globally. He is President of Gate International Ltd and was a former director of both Shell China and SABIC in Riyadh. He is also Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts FRSA and Fellow of Institute of Chemical Engineering. He is advising leading companies, universities and institutions globally. He has been invited to join the London University SOAS SCI Advisory Board and the University College London China Advisory Boards.

He is writing, advising and speaking on Climate Change, Green Finance, Carbon & Clean Energy. He has been invited to join the Imperial College London Grantham Climate Change Stakeholder Committee and the China Carbon Forum Advisory Board. FT has invited him to speak on Renewables and join their Energy Panel interviews.

He has published various books, technical and management papers globally. Routledge has published globally his three book “Successful Business Dealings & Management with China Oil, Gas & Chemical Giants”, “Energy Markets in Emerging Economies: Strategies for Growth” and “Business Negotiations in China”. Routledge has invited him to write two new books on Climate Change & Renewables. His negotiation management paper was selected as one of Top Five UK Management Papers of the Year 2015. He also holds international patents on new process inventions. He has been invited to speak at international conferences, leading universities and business schools.

He has been invited to lead and lecture at various executive education programs globally. Trinity College Business School in Dublin has invited him to be co-director of their China executive program. He has been invited to contribute to executive programs on China, negotiations, energy, climate change, renewables, management, green finance etc.


The Colloquium is open to all. SEE students are required to register via AIMS in just a few steps: Go to AIMS, select "Student Services", then select "Central Repository on Student Development Activities System" and search the activity name "SEE Colloquium: China and Hong Kong Climate and Energy Challenges" or the activity code "E2- 2019-0086".