Eight SEE Faculty Members Awarded for the General Research Fund (GRF) of 2022/23

The Research Grants Council (RGC) has just announced the results of the GRF exercises for 2022/23. In this latest competition, SEE faculty members have secured 8 awards, with a total funding exceeds HK$7 million.  SEE continues to strive in research excellence towards energy and environmental areas.

Project Investigator (PI) Project Title
Prof. Chak K. CHAN Reactive Uptake of Dicarbonyls by Atmospheric Aerosols
Prof. Wen-Xiong WANG From Nanoplastics to Microplastics: Cellular and Whole Animal Dynamics and Interaction in a Model Fish System
Prof. Yun Hau NG Tuning the Selectivity Towards Solar Fuels via Manipulation of Photocharge Transfer of Oxide Photocatalysts
Dr. Alicia AN Omniphobic Nanofibrous Membrane with Bio-inspired Nanoflower-on-nanoneedle Double Re-entrant Structure for Enhanced Performance in Membrane Distillation
Dr. Henry HE Occurrence and Environmental Risk of Liquid Crystal Monomers - an Emerging Group of E-waste Pollutants Found in Municipal Wastewater
Dr. Jin SHANG Develop Robust Metal-Organic Frameworks-based Adsorbents for Toxic and Corrosive Gases: Importance of Specific Binding Sites and Adsorption-Desorption Mechanism
Dr. Edwin TSO Chameleon-inspired Self-adaptive Daytime Passive Radiative Coolers with Cooling Power Modulation Ability for Building Applications
Dr. Wei WU Membrane-based Moisture Desorption-Absorption with Carbon Quantum Dot-enhanced Ionic Liquid for High-flux Passive PV Cooling and Water Harvesting

Congratulations to all our faculty members who have been successful in this year's exercise!

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