Dr. Sam Hsu’s team unravels the interfacial dynamics of lead-free bismuth-based halide perovskites


Following the previous work, Dr. Sam Hsu’s research team uncovers the intrinsic and interfacial properties of lead-free hybrid perovskite halide material (i.e., MA3Bi2Cl9–yIy). The dynamic interfacial interactions of band-gap funneling MA3Bi2Cl9–xIx perovskites are systematically investigated by using temperature-dependent transient photoluminescence and electrochemical voltammetric techniques. From this in-depth and specialized analysis, the phenomena of solid–solid and solid–liquid interfaces of MA3Bi2Cl9–yIy are well-understood. Consequently, this combination of photophysical and electrochemical techniques opens up an avenue to explore the intrinsic and interfacial properties of semiconductor materials for elucidating the correlation between material characterization and device performance.

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The research study was featured on the inside
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The findings were published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials, titled “Unravelling the interfacial dynamics of band-gap funneling in bismuth-based halide perovskites” (DOI: 10.1002/adma.202207835)The research study was selected to be featured on the inside Back Cover of Advanced Materials.

This work was mainly completed by two group members in Dr. Sam Hsu’s lab. The first author (Dr. Yunqi Tang) is a previous PhD student who graduated from SEE; the second author (equal contribution), Mr. Stanley Chun Hong Mak, is a current PhD student at SEE.

For more details, please refer to CityU News (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/research/stories/2023/01/13/cityu-unravels-interfacial-interactions-lead-free-perovskite-efficient-hydrogen-production ).

Dr. Sam Hsu halide perovskites
Dr. Sam Hsu (front row, left), Dr. Yunqi Tang (front row, right), and Mr. Mr. Stanley Chun Hong Mak (back row, right).