Dr. Edwin Tso and his research team interviewed by MingPao on thermochromic smart window


Dr. Edwin Tso, Assistant Professor, and his PhD student Mr. Martin Zhu were interviewed by a local Hong Kong Chinese newspaper ''MingPao'' (明報) to showcase their innovation on thermochromic smart window. The interview has been published on 11 April 2022.

Due to the high window-to-wall ratio of the buildings in Hong Kong, the heat gain/loss via windows is a major reason of the high energy consumption of air-conditioning system. Therefore, Dr. Tso and his group developed a thermochromic smart window to smartly tune the indoor heat gain from solar, significantly reducing the building energy consumption and simultaneously maintaining excellent indoor thermal comfort. In the future, the team will combine the technology with renewable meta-materials (e.g., transparent wood), making it like a thin film for a better user experience.

With the excellent potential in energy-saving for carbon neutrality, this invention was awarded a Gold Medal in the 48th Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days (IGED) 2022, and attracted great interests from the society.

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MingPao thermochromic smart window